Importance of Accounting services in Azerbaijan Practice
Importance of Accounting services in Azerbaijan Practice

Importance of Accounting services in Azerbaijan Practice


Proper and legal accounting is one of the vital issues that every company should pay attention to. The accounting system of a company must be established in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. This requirement applies to both commercial and non-profit entities.

Under the law, accounting services can be obtained by each company at the expense of its own resources (through its own accountants and specialists), or by outsourcing to consulting companies.

Tax reforms and revenue transparency requirements in Azerbaijan make the need for accounting, as well as transition to 'white accounting' important. The organization of accounting system and accounting policy, especially transit to transparent and fully documented accounting should be carried out on the basis of a joint plan of tax, accounting and law professionals. For example, fixed assets (such as buildings) or equipment that are not on record and are in use for a long time should be taken into balance sheet and recorded, without extra costs and tax liability for the company. This requires teamwork of various professionals. Another example would be when documenting unrecorded costs of a company, a professional team of professionals should undertake a thorough analysis and planning to avoid additional legal risks and excessive tax payments stemming from such documentation.

Full Accounting system has the following advantages:

- As the accounting is done correctly, the cases stipulated by the Tax Code, which give the tax authority additional rights, are eliminated. For example, in the event that accounting is not conducted or maintained not in compliance with the law, the tax authority may recalculate taxes based on relevant information (third parties, other companies, etc.). This is a risk for the company.

- The accounting system of the company eliminates risks of administrative offence as specified in the Code of Administrative Offenses.

- Small-scale accounting companies (taxpayers) - micro-business entities (taxpayers with an annual turnover below 200,000 AZN) are exempt from the 10% dividend tax.

- Transparency in the company prevents employee misuse and abuse, and company owners have full control over their incomes and expenses;

- Unless there accounting is in place, undocumented expenses are not accepted and thus, even though there are actual costs, the profit is not reduced and extra tax would have to be paid.

- The company and the taxpayers are exempt from legal problems, such as tax evasion charges and source of income concerns.


Choosing an accounting service (accounting company)

As noted, accounting services can be provided either through internal resources (company accountants) or through an outside company. The choice of accounting services depends on the availability and professionalism of the company's internal resources. The involvement of an external accounting service or accounting firm along with the ability to obtain professional services also defines responsibility for such a company. That is, it is very difficult (practically impossible) to bring an employee to accountability in the event of an accounting or tax violation, but the accounting service company must be held liable for defects in the provision of services.

The followings should be taken into account when choosing an accounting service:

- Professionalism and experience of the company / person providing accounting services;

- In some cases, accounting services shall be supported by tax lawyers (for the pf interpretation of the Tax Code, clarification of questions, administrative or judicial resolution of tax disputes, compliance of accounting documents, especially agreements with the law and tax interests of the company etc)

- List of Major Clients (Accounting and tax experience of such companies with similar business volume and operations)

- Experience in tax dispute resolution and tax questions

- Professional theoretical knowledge and certification (diplomas and certificates)

- The number and professionalism of the specialists (in the absence of the team or unqualified team, a sole professional expert would not be performing good when workload increase or complicated tax issues arise).

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