Social Business
Our Responsible Business principles are as follows:

1. Gender equality
In our workplace gender equality refers to the fair and equal treatment of individuals, regardless of their gender, with respect to employment, job responsibilities, compensation, and opportunities.

2. Decent work and economic growth
We encourage continuous, comprehensive, and lasting economic development, as well as meaningful employment and fair employment condition, including work-life balance for all employees.

3. Ethical Business Practices
We adhere to the highest ethical standards in the legal and tax profession.

4. Support for undergraduates
We actively supports undergraduates by offering internship opportunities and subsequently hiring them as full-time employees after the successful completion of their internships.

5. Pro Bono Legal Services
We provide free legal services to individuals or non-profit organizations that cannot afford legal representation, including disabled persons and family members of army veterans. This can include offering legal advice or assistance with legal documentation.

6. Environmental initiatives
Our company participates in environmental sustainability efforts by supporting local environmental conservation projects. We have open call for strategic litigations and collective representation of persons in environmental disputes, complaints and initiatives.

7. Support for non-profit organization
We partner with local charities or non-profit organizations by offering legal expertise and assistance, which include environmental groups, animal rights association and association of disabled persons.