Intellectual Property Law
We ensure trademark registration in Azerbaijan, including trademark search and the protection of intellectual property rights, patents in Azerbaijan. Caspian Legal Center is the best law firm in Baku

We ensure the intellectual property rights of clients are protected, offering trademarks and patent registration services, license agreements, resolve IP disputes and further IP consultancy in Azerbaijan.

Intellectual Property Law of Azerbaijan

Intellectual property rights are protected, and the procedures of registering trademarks, patents, copyrights are clearly specified by the intellectual property legislation of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a member of WIPO, having ratified Madrid, Nice, Berne, Budapest Treaties, as well as WIPO Convention, WIPO Copyright Treaty and other main international tools in this area. 

The main laws regarding IP in Azerbaijan are:

  1. Law on the Trademarks And Geographical signs; 
  2. Law on Copyright and Related Rights;
  3. Law on Patents; 
  4. Law of Azerbaijan on Enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights and Fight against Piracy; 
  5. Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Legal Protection of Topographies of Integrated Circuits; 
  6. Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Legal Protection of Compilations of Data

Trademark Registration in Azerbaijan 

Trademark registration in Azerbaijan usually takes about 6-10 months, with strict expertise by the Center for Expertise of Patents and Trademarks of Azerbaijan Intellectual Property Agency. 

Although a trademark search is not available online, upon written request, registration information must be submitted to the interested parties. 

Trademark registration processes are as follows:

Foreign legal entities and physical persons must be represented by one of the registered trademark attorneys in Azerbaijan. Local companies and individuals may freely apply for TM registration. 

  1. An application, with the bearing of the claimed trade-mark, including details of the applicant must be submitted to Azerbaijan Intellectual Property Agency; 
  2. Power of attorney of the representative or patent attorney must be attached to the application form; 
  3. Inspection fo TM by Center for Expertise of Patents and Trademarks and final decision; 
  4. Payment and Certification process. 

TM is valid for 10 years from the date of registration and further renewal options. 

We ensure the intellectual property rights of the companies registered in the Republic of Azerbaijan. We mainly focus on the provision of the following services:

  • Proper documentation for protection of patents, trademarks, and copyrights;
  • Trademark registration and appeals/objections to the registered trademarks; 
  • Trademark search before a formal application for registration; 
  • Legal audit to ensure the client does not breach of intellectual property of other owners;
  • Formulation and analysis of contracts related to intellectual property protection;
  • searching the existence of trademarks; registering trademarks, patents, appeals from registrations;
  • trademark acquisition agreements;
  • Trademark license agreement; 
  • intellectual-property litigation.