Caspian Legal Center is a Baku-based full-service Azerbaijani law and tax consultancy firm. We mainly specialize in commercial and company law matters, as well as wide-range legal support and consulting to businesses regarding the establishment and operation of commercial entities in Azerbaijan.CLC was established by lawyers and tax consultants with extended experience in practical business law in Azerbaijan. Our team has a western legal education and are skilled in international standards and international law aspects of business operations. We are fluent in English, Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish languages.Strong knowledge of local legislation, case-law and court practice, and approach of government institutions, involvement in the business-friendly legislative reform initiative and representing businesses before state authorities have been key aspects of our experience.Our team members have previously worked and provided services for several local holding groups, plants, import/export businesses, construction companies, banks (including the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan), ministries (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Taxes, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and law firms.CLC advisers and attorneys are well experienced in contract negotiation (representing and accompanying client), drafting, analysis of multi-million contracts, including FIDIC contracts, and dispute resolution and debt recovery cases. CLC intensively follows legal reforms and business incentives and advises clients on relevant opportunities, including tax and duty exemptions, free zones and other business promotional incentives. As a one-stop-shop consulting company, we provide corporate law services and business-set ups immigration consultancy, employment law services, legal services in finance and banking industry, intellectual property services, law and tax services related to oil-gas industry,contract drafting and negotiations,construction law support, tax and accounting services in Azerbaijan, dispute resolution and litigation services (including debt recovery), consultancy legal services in real estate and the purchase of property in Azerbaijan.We also provide legal advice and representation services to foreign individuals regarding family relations, employment, immigration, inheritance, recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial judgments in the Republic of Azerbaijan.The majority of our clients are multinational companies, operating in Azerbaijan or having business transactions with local companies, including FORTUNE Global 500 companies, from more than 41 countries.We operate in diverse industries, including oil and gas, energy and natural resources, renewable energy, finance and banking, ICT, construction, hospitality and HORECA, industrial manufacturing, machinery, agriculture, food industry, education industry, services industry, import and export, wholesale and retail industry, as well as consult to public and government entities. Please contact us for updated company and clients profile documents.

Social Business

Our Responsible Business principles are as follows: 1. Gender equalityIn our workplace gender equality refers to the fair and equal treatment of individuals, regardless of their gender, with respect to employment, job responsibilities, compensation, and opportunities.2. Decent work and economic growthWe encourage continuous, comprehensive, and lasting economic development, as well as meaningful employment and fair employment condition, including work-life balance for all employees.3. Ethical Business PracticesWe adhere to the highest ethical standards in the legal and tax profession.4. Support for undergraduatesWe actively supports undergraduates by offering internship opportunities and subsequently hiring them as full-time employees after the successful completion of their internships.5. Pro Bono Legal ServicesWe provide free legal services to individuals or non-profit organizations that cannot afford legal representation, including disabled persons and family members of army veterans. This can include offering legal advice or assistance with legal documentation.6. Environmental initiativesOur company participates in environmental sustainability efforts by supporting local environmental conservation projects. We have open call for strategic litigations and collective representation of persons in environmental disputes, complaints and initiatives.7. Support for non-profit organizationWe partner with local charities or non-profit organizations by offering legal expertise and assistance, which include environmental groups, animal rights association and association of disabled persons.