Immigration lawyers in Azerbaijan

Our immigration lawyers will provide the most accurate legal consultancy for obtaining a residence permit (TRP, PR), work permit, citizenship and support while business immigration and visa issues in Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan immigration requirements and services

Immigration, citizenship, work permit and residence permit in Baku are among the main areas where our team may assist foreign individuals in Azerbaijan, as well as Azerbaijani citizens willing to obtain such services abroad. Immigration to Azerbaijan has been among the top issues of the Government while fostering foreign business investment, but at the same time approaching small businesses owned by foreigners friendly. 

Current business opportunities in Azerbaijan has attracted not only medium and large investments to Azerbaijan, but also there are always great small business opportunities in Baku (mainly). 

Involvement of foreign work power in the local market is an inherent aspect of contemporary businesses. Azerbaijani law on immigration issues is clear and complies with modern international practices. However, strict procedures and penalties in large amounts are the issues to be considered while dealing with immigration and work permit issues. 

Our immigration lawyers in Azerbaijan provide:

  • Obtaining and prolongation of visas; 
  • Issuance of invitation letters for long term visas;
  • Work permit and temporary residence; 
  • Permanent residency and citizenship;
  • Double citizenship consultancy;  
  • Consultancy while moving to Azerbaijan regarding the vital issues to be considered;
  • Border regulations related to immigration. 

Residence permit in Azerbaijan

Residence permit in Azerbaijan (TRP) is one of the frequently asked questions by our clients. We inform all our prospective clients to seek consultancy regarding these issues, since proper guidance is importance from the very beginning of processes, particularly type of visa for entering Azerbaijan and required documents foreigners shall bring with them to Azerbaijan that will be required while applying for a temporary or permanent residence permit.

Foreigners and stateless persons intending to reside temporarily on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan should obtain a relevant permit for it and a permission card for temporary residence by the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan(“SMS”). Permission for temporary residence (TRC) in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a document authorizing foreigners and stateless persons to reside in the Republic of Azerbaijan temporarily, and exit from the Republic of Azerbaijan and return back to the Republic of Azerbaijan under visa-free regime during its validity period. Moreover, residency card certifies the identity and place of residence (domicile) of the foreigner in Azerbaijan.

Foreigners and stateless persons are issued a permit for temporary residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the following cases:

  • In case they are a close family member of Azerbaijani citizen. The parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, sister and brothers having common parents are considered to be close relatives by law; 
  • In case they possess real estate in Azerbaijan which is worth at least 100 000 manats (AZN) or funds in the same amount in the banks in Azerbaijan; In such cases the price of the real estate in Azerbaijan is assessed by independent assessment agencies and the real contract price of the real estate is not taken into consideration by authorities; 
  • In case they are highly qualified specialists in the spheres of economy, industry, defense, science, culture, sports, etc;
  • In case they are family members of foreigners and stateless persons temporarily or permanently residing on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • In case they hold positions of head or deputy head of a company registered in Azerbaijan and owned by a foreign person, or where they hold such positions in the branch or representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • In case they invest at least 500 000 manats (AZN) in the economy of the Azerbaijan;
  • In case they engage in entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan; This is only considered as a ground for issuance of a permit for temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan where via this entrepreneurship at least 5 persons (on full time) or 10 persons (on part-time) are employed. In this case, at least 80 percent of the employees are required to be the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • In case they obtain a work permit in Azerbaijan in a way envisaged by the Migration Code to carry out paid labor activity on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • In case they obtain full-time education at institutions of higher education (universities) and technical schools (vocational colleges), as well as in case they obtain an education at secondary schools in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • In case they are engaged in a professional religious activity at officially registered religious institutions;
  • In case there are grounds envisaged by the international agreements of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In practice, small business owners are usually issued TRC card for 3 to 6 months. TRC Card processing time is 25 days after submission of all required documents, with the temporary residence permit application form. 

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Moreover, we provide full immigration consultancy for foreigners and families willing to immigrate to Azerbaijan legally and request practical support and recommendation during all involved stages.

It must be noted that unlike some other foreign countries, the nationality of the applicant does not alter the legal requirements or procedures for immigration purposes, i.e. if the applicant is from Eastern countries such as Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq or from Europen countries such as United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, they will undergo the same procedures. 

Permanent Residence

Permanent residence (PR) may be granted only after a minimum of 2 years of stay on temporary residence ground, provided that the grounds of residence would be existing.  Moreover, applicant claiming for permanent residence in Azerbaijan, shall pass examination about Azerbaijani language skills and certain migration rules conducted by a special commission, composed of the State Migration Service, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice officials. 


Finally, obtaining citizenship of Azerbaijan requires a minimum of 5 years of stay in Azerbaijan on permanent grounds (after obtaining PR), as well as Azerbaijani language proficiency and source of income. 

For specific questions and details, including initial consultancy about business opportunities and immigration to Azerbaijan issues we recommend you to contact us.