The event titled
The event titled The Republic of Lithuania: Investment and Export Opportunities to the EU will be held by Caspian Legal Center

Caspian Legal Center ("CLC") will hold an event titled "The Republic of Lithuania: Investment and Export Opportunities to the EU" on 23 November 2017 at DEMIRCHI TOWER Business Center in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Due to its historic, legal, geographical and economic relations, the Republic of Lithuania offers great opportunities for Azerbaijani business entities for entrepreneurship activities and exporting products directly to the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, and thereby to the European Union customs territory.

The event will feature information on exporting to the Republic of Lithuania, as well as information on business opportunities and advantages, at the same time, information and practical suggestions on investment opportunities in real estate.

By invitation of CLC, the event will be held with the presentation of the experienced Lithuanian lawyer, Doctor of Law Ms. Zivile Stubryte, and official participation of the Lithuanian Embassy to Azerbaijan.

Business entities and individual entrepreneurs willing to participate in the event are requested to register in advance via the following phone numbers or e-mail.