New Year, New Rules
New Year, New Rules

We wish you happy and prosperous year!

Please note starting from 2018, many legal amendments and regulations will take effect in Azerbaijan, including:
1. Minimum salary in Azerbaijan has been raised to 130 AZN monthly;
2. Law on Unemployment Insurance; mandatory unemployment insurance payment shall be shared between the employee and employer in the following amount: 0.5% from employee salary (employee share) and additional 0.5% of the salary fund of employees (employer share);
3. Non VAT payers and tax payers whose income does not exceed 200 000 AZN in consecutive 12 months shall issue electronic bill to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs while selling goods, services and works;
4. National minimum living expense has been raised from 155 AZN to 173 AZN. Under the Tax code, this amount is exempt from income tax of physical individuals where monthly salary does not exceed 2500 AZN.
Happy and successful 2018!