Consulting companies in Azerbaijan: services of CLC consulting company
Consulting companies in Azerbaijan: | services of CLC consulting company




Consulting companies in Azerbaijan: services of CLC consulting company


Consulting companies are usually companies that provide consulting services. Consulting companies in Azerbaijan provide various types of advice. Basically, these services can include legal consulting, tax consulting, accounting services, business consulting, consulting services on technical safety, and other services.


Receiving advice from external consulting companies in Azerbaijan on topics that require specific knowledge may in some cases be a requirement of the company's internal rules, in other cases, it may be due to a practical necessity.


Sometimes, in Azerbaijan, the term "consulting company" is incorrectly used to imply accounting firms only. However, is the name suggests, the scope of consulting companies is much wider than the mere accounting services. Another important point is that in certain cases, audit companies provide consulting services, which not only creates a conflict of interest situation, but at the same time is against the laws regulations external audit activities. 


Consulting companies mainly provide advice and recommendations based on the experience and specialized knowledge gained without providing guarantees for the results of their services. However, we recommend that the following points be taken into account in agreement with consulting companies:


- The exact scope of consulting services to be provided

- Issues not included in the scope of the services

- Results guaranteed by the consulting company

- Liability of the consulting company - the legal consequence of the wrong advice given intentionally or through gross negligence

- Requirements for persons to be involved in the provision of consulting services or list of their names

- Term of rendering services

- Professional liability insurance required from a consulting company

- Other general contract terms


Since the main contractual obligation of consulting companies is the provision of advice on the subject, in practice it is necessary to specify the guarantee for the occurrence of any result. In practice, losses resulting from incorrect advice are usually covered by obtaining professional liability insurance. In this case, it is recommended that the extent of the consulting company's professional liability and a detailed explanation of the insured event be included in the contract. For this and similar reasons, it is recommended to obtain legal support in the selection of consulting companies and the conclusion of contracts with them.


Where certain documents or other forms of deverlables are to be produced during such consulting, it must be clarified via the agreement whether full ownership rights over such documents pass to the client or there are certain restrictions of use, re-use, modification and assignment to third party use. 


Caspian Legal Center, as one of the consulting companies operating in Azerbaijan, is ready to support you in the following issues:

- Legal advice and legal representation

- Legal and tax planning during business organization

- Tax consulting and dispute resolution

- Accounting services and organization of accounting

- Other required services in the field of legal and tax consulting


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