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In the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Continental legal system, also known as the Civil law system is applied. The laws are adopted by the legislative body - the Milli Majlis and signed by the President. Legislation consists of the Constitution, Civil Code, Criminal Code, Labor Law, other laws of the Azerbaijan Republic, and international agreements. The Azerbaijani court system has a 3-level structure, which consists of courts of the first instance, courts of appeal and high court.


Legal consultancy services are provided by attorneys and lawyers. In accordance with the current legislation, the authority to represent plaintiffs and defendants in the courts of Azerbaijan has been granted to the members of the Bar Association. The Bar Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan has 1708 members and the vast majority of members (1338 persons) provide legal services in the capital- Baku.


Attorneys provide a representation of complainants and defendants before courts and consultancy services on divorce, alimony obligations, custody of children, property regimes between spouses, adoption, mediation services, contractual receivables, debts and other cases, lawsuits arising from the relationship between the employee / employer, compensation cases, criminal law cases and etc.



Lawyers who are not members of the Bar Association generally provide consultancy services in the following areas of law:


  • Tax law consultancy;
  • Contract law consultancy, contract reviews;
  • Legal review and reporting;
  • Immigration law, obtaining work and residence permits, application for obtaining Azerbaijani citizenship, representation before the Migration Service;
  • Labor law, establishment of regulations in an enterprise, drafting and termination of employment contracts;
  • Real estate law;
  • Construction law, consultancy on obtaining building (construction) permit;
  • Commercial and Corporate law, establishment of companies, acquisition, restructuring, termination, bankruptcy;
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions in Azerbaijan;
  • Applications to the European Court of Human Rights and consultancy on this regard;
  • Other legal consultancy services


Caspian Legal Center (CLC) is a Baku-based legal, accounting and tax consulting firm. CLC provides legal consultancy and advocacy services to both Azerbaijani citizens and foreign natural and legal persons, including Turkish citizens on family and inheritance law, commercial, corporate and bankruptcy law, energy law, contract law, labor law, tax law, real estate law, construction law, immigration law, intellectual property law and other areas of law.


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