The choice of barristers (attorneys) and law offices in Baku
burada bakida vekiller haqqinda ve huquq meslehetxanasi barədə

Those who wish to seek traditional legal services or legal advice, especially the older generation, are considering choosing an attorney or contracting a law office. In this article, we will try and make clear the terminology used in Azerbaijan in legal market and law services, and further provide our recommendations regarding chosing barristers (attorneys), law offices or lawyers.

Barristers (attorneys) in Azerbaijan, especially in Baku, specialize in litigation, and the selection of a lawyer will be especially necessary in litigation. Attorney implies lawyers with bar registration and authorized to appear before the clients on behalf of the clients. Other areas of law, especially advice, including business or commercial law advice, contracts, labor and migration, construction, family law, tax law, and other areas of civil law, can be consulted by any qualified and professional lawyer – which does not require a lawyer to be a member of the bar in Azerbaijan. Law office, implies office of attorneys, again members of the bar. The main issue in choosing an attorney or choosing a law office is the availability of relevant skills and professionalism in that area. The Companies can empower full-time employees to represent them in court on a voluntary basis, such lawyers of companies can represent their companies even if they are not a member of the bar in Azerbaijan.

While contracting an attorney, the client authorizes the specific attorney, not the law office where he is registered, as a usual practice in Azerbaijan. Which, unlike contracting law firms, make the individual attorney responsible for the legal work, not the legal entity. 

Attorneys in Baku usually provide the following services:

- representation before courts;

- Protection of defendants and victims in civil and criminal cases;

- protection of citizens' rights before public authorities in administrative cases - this includes both administrative proceedings in the public (administrative) body and subsequent court proceedings;

- to act on behalf of the person whose rights are violated in civil cases;

- filing of appeal and cassation complaints;

- Participation in the criminal case as the defendant's lawyer;

- providing legal assistance in connection with the above.

There are a variety of qualified lawyers involved in the legal advice cases, and our recommendation is to choose an experienced lawyer or attorney who is experienced in similar cases.

Depending on the nature of legal work, for example, international law, international contracts,  foreign courts and arbitrations, international taxation and transportation, export and import contracts requires involvement of internationally educated and experienced lawyers. Lack of proper education, theoretical and practical knowledge, and lack of experience in this field is a risk for the client which must be avoided.

After selecting a lawyer, attorney or law office in Baku, a written service agreement must be required and the scope, nature, and client's expectations, including any warranty about the outcome of the legal service to be specified.


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